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Why do we remember the Cold War as “cold”? Why should we think of the Cold War as an “era” instead of a “war”?

The first sentence of your first paragraph must be your thesis statement. Make sure your thesis statement fully answers both parts of the question.

Your essay must:
— be at least 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) in length
— begin with a strong thesis statement that clearly answers the prompt
— follow a clear outline with topic sentences beginning each paragraph
— use 12 point font, normal margins, and double spaced
— use the MLA style for in-text citations (no references page necessary)
— include at least TWO in-text citations from TWO different sources
— one source must be PRIMARY and the other must be SECONDARY

Out of 50 possible points:
A (45-50) = Well-defended thesis w/ cited evidence; no format errors
B (40-45)  = Strong thesis w/ cited evidence & some format errors
C (35-40)  = Mediocre, unidentifiable or weakly defended thesis & format errors
D (30-35)    = Weak thesis, little/no citations; significant format errors
F  (<30)      = No thesis, no evidence, format errors throughout
( the essay must be written in simple words but still maintaining the formality)

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