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My definition of spiritual care includes attentiveness to patients’ emotional as well as physical needs. In addition, this type of care should include an empathetic tone and demeanor in addressing a patient’s needs and their hopes for their plan of care. While they may differ from what is recommended, it is important to acknowledge the patient’s voice, which may mean addressing their fears and concerns, but emphasizing how their well being is at the center of care. According to research, spirituality refers to the soul and its protection and nurturing during life (Hoehner, 2020). In addition, research has demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between spirituality, health, and well being (Hoehner, 2020). I think my definition and the reading definition are similar. In viewing the patient care as a whole, and not just meeting physical needs, their emotional well being is addressed. Whether one identifies as Chrisitian or not does not mean they are not spiritual. In actively listening to their concerns, a nurse may address what they feel are their greatest needs. An overall emphasis on all of their values would likely make a patient feel more satisfied with their care.

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