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Self-Reflection Paper: Your Story (50 Pts.):
You will turn in an analysis of your self-reflective journey. This 5 full-page paper will be about in general, the hard work that you did on you (insights, revelations, challenges, changes, etc.) for the entire class semester. Do NOT exceed 5 pages of text and do not have less than 5 pages; a half page is not a full page. Include title and reference pages (not included in your 5 pages). You must have at least five different references (as in not all from sites that you googled) outside of your textbook. These can be books, journals, personal interviews, legitimate internet sites, etc. You CANNOT have all 5 sources from the basic internet. The paper must include theoretical, empirical, and authoritative frameworks, meaning that in the midst of your story, you must integrate personality theory throughout. You are required to have at least 5 references to personality theory. You are welcome to use only one theory or a combination of several; its your choice. You can guarantee that this is accomplished by making sure that there are at least one or two theoretical references on each of the 5 pages. As well, the theory must be applied to your life correctly.
Your paper is to be written at a college level using APA format to reference sources (no running head or abstract needed). It should be typed using 1 spaces in your paragraphs, and free from grammatical errors. At the time that it is due, you will submit it to the appropriate assignment link where Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool, will analyze it. Do not just copy and paste without citations because that will be considered plagiarism. If your plagiarism score is 10% or more, you will automatically receive a zero for the assignment. To avoid this, just make sure that you cite all sources throughout the entire paper. Your reflections/research should cover the following perspectives:
    1    historical how, when, who, why, theory development, etc.
    2    theoretical what does the theory state?
    3    practical application – how does the theory apply to your world? What situations in your life remind you of some theory that we cover?
    4    any other interesting and relevant tidbits
YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WRITE THE PAPER YOURSELF USING THE INFORMATION YOU GATHERED FROM RELIABLE AND APPROPRIATE REFERENCE MATERIALS. AGAIN, CITE ALL SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PAPER. While you should not start writing until after you have learned some theory (maybe start in late March), do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Examples will be shared later on Canvas. Problems should be addressed to me immediately. More information will be given in class as the due date approaches. None will be accepted late for ANY reason. 

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