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OPTION #1 PAPER ONLY: Write a four (4)-six (6) page paper to include a critical self-reflection of the synthesizes between the contents of the entirety of your student experience & your self-growth to draw from all course content; mini lectures by prof. shari; journal entries; asynchronous hour (if you had to complete any); role play assignment; break out groups; cross-racial check in pairings; & open mics.


This is not a research paper. You are encouraged to speak in first-person, so, please use I statements.
12-point font
1-inch margins all around
Double spaced
Please limit direct quotes to 2-3 sentences
If you choose to do an artistic piece, do not overly explain it. One sentence at the end of the paper portion is sufficient.
No graphics, tables, etc.
Please include an introductory paragraph & a closing paragraph
APA format, including bibliography &/or works cited page
Cover/title page is not required

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