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For this assignment you must research a company that has moved its location
from the U.S. to a foreign country or from a foreign county to the U.S. You
may also use a company that has recently expanded operations so that they
have a plant in the U.S. and in a foreign company. However, this must be a
real scenario. Once you find your company, answer the following questions
throughout your paper. As an example, let’s say that Ford Motor company was
operating 100% in the U.S. and was shipping cars across the country, but
then they decided to open a manufacturing plant in China to save on shipping

1 – Describe your company and explain what service they provide or what they
sell. Did the entire company move all operations, or did only part of the
company move?

2 – Why would this company have made the decision for this drastic move?
What was behind this decision and what was the goal? Use terms and concepts
about the strategies we studied.

3 – Explain what difficulties were involved. What was the greatest challenge
regarding the move? Was it the employees, the expense, the culture, the
leadership, etc?

4 – Using Goleman’s six leadership styles as described in table 4.5 of our
text, explain when each of the six styles may be needed from the time this
move across the country is announced, to the time operations are running
smoothly after the move. Give examples of what style would be used in which
situations. (Make sure you use the six styles we studied in our text and do
not use other terms from the internet).

5 – Was the move a success in the long run?

Use terms and concepts that we have studied in the past six weeks. Do not
just recount the steps of the move. Discuss leadership styles and when and
how they will change during the timeline. Which approaches to change are
most appropriate?

The paper should be in APA format and approximately 4-5 (not including title
and reference pages) pages in the main body of the paper. Papers without at
least 1400 words of text (not including title and reference page) will have
deductions.  Don’t add extra spaces between paragraphs to make your paper
appear longer.  Typically each page should be approximately 350 words.

Make sure you clearly show the answers to the above questions. If you use
quotes in your paper (should be very few) you should have more than 1400
words to compensate for the quotes. Your paper should have at least two
additional resources beyond the course text. Your references must have an
author associated with them. Do not use information from the internet unless
there is an author. Use scholarly articles.

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