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Ethical dilemmas represent an important consideration for public policy and administration professionals. Organizational stakeholders and their values and principles present unique challenges for program evaluators. For this Discussion, review Fionas Choice: An Ethical Dilemma for a Program Evaluator on page 511 in the McDavid course text.


1 page – A response to the following:

  • List values and principles that would be important to the main stakeholders in this situation, both for Fiona and the organization. Use the AEAs guiding principles for evaluators as a guide. Explain the values and principles that you selected as important to the main stakeholders and how you would handle this situation.


McDavid, J. C., Huse, I., & Hawthorn, L. R. L. (2019). Program evaluation and performance measurement: An introduction to practice (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  • Chapter 12, The Nature and Practice of Professional Judgment in Program Evaluation (pp. 478-509)
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