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1. Look at the business plan found here (https://hsr.ca.gov/about/high-speed-rail-business-plans/2020-business-plan/

and in particular:

the numbers in Tables 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2: can you find them in the supporting document they refer you to?

2. Again, looking at the business plan,  in Tables 7.3, 7.3.1 and 7.3.2…can you find where those were obtained in the supporting docusment?

3. The technical addenda referenced go into detail about many, many things. Does it at any point reveal mode shifts predicted by the models? IE: how many cars trips will become rail trips, how many airline trips will become car trips, and how new trips wlll the system maybe generate? (Induced demand?) I mean, if we are to have GHG emission saivngs as shown above….don’t we have to be taking some of the market share from air and car? I mean, maybe there is no ultimate percentage road trip, but for GHG we have to have SOME idea of the trips that would have been car trips or air trips were it not for HSR.  Where are those shown?

4. What inter-city passenger mode has been omitted from the mansucript? Why?

5. If you can’t line up the numbers, especially for question 3….why not? They have very detailed mode choice models here. With nests! And everyting. Those are all the ingrediants you need showing how future trips should be distributed by mode.  Lots of assumptions, carefully detailed.  I was expecting to see ‘how many time people have to go to the bathroom.”

6. There are both stated and revealed preference data used here. Can you find which is which? Can you find other documents that explain what they did?

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